GMB's Alex Beresford hailed a hero for confronting Piers Morgan over Meghan Markle vendetta

Watch: Piers Morgan storm out of the GMB studio after challenge from Alex Beresford

Alex Beresford has been hailed a hero for confronting Piers Morgan over his vendetta against Meghan Markle live on Good Morning Britain.

Morgan, 55, stormed out of the studio on the ITV breakfast show after his colleague called him out for constantly trashing the Duchess of Sussex because she had ended their friendship after becoming engaged to Prince Harry.

Beresford's comments came amid a heated debate about racism as Morgan dismissed Meghan's comments that a member of the royal family had questioned what colour her son Archie's skin would be before he was born.

Alex Beresford is single after splitting from his wife. (Getty Images)
Alex Beresford has won praise for taking Piers Moragn to task. (Getty Images)

BBC newsreader Emily Maitlis tweeted: "Forget piers walking off. Listen to Alex. He’s superb."

She then added: "Piers is my friend - supportive and outspoken. But this moment is about what Alex says. That’s all I mean."

And GMB's own senior political producer Anne Alexander said: "I know the storming off is dramatic etc, but don’t let Alex’s calm and thoughtful words about Harry and Meghan be lost in the drama.

"And this is a guy who is not a regular presenter taking on one of the most formidable journalists in the country."

Jolyon Rubinstein applauded Beresford, tweeting: "No representation on the front bench so the weatherman needs to call out the trash that is Piers Morgan. Well played Alex Beresford.

Jessica Davies tweeted: "Alex just ate P*ers up for breakfast and the man storms off after getting a fraction of his own medicine. Who’s the snowflake!? EMBARAZZ."

Singer Jamelia was outraged on Beresford's behalf by Morgan's dismissive treatment of his comments on racism.

She wrote: "Whilst a lot of us are entertained by the shenanigans over at @ITV, please understand that what we're witnessing is actual violence. What we've seen of Dr Shola, Charlene and Alex is direct dismissal & victimisation of them, their truth and their experiences. This is not OK.

"And for those who want to call me bitter, please know that I left ITV to protect my mental health. I could still be working there, but my mental health suffered too much in that environment, without help or protection (from press) - even when I begged for it - Sound familiar?

"I'm not bitter, I'm angry. I'm angry that Piers gets to be openly, repeatedly sexist, xenophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, elitist AND racist, and gets to keep his job. I'm angry that you made Alex share a table with him this morning, that is an act of violence. This is not OK."

And some are even calling for weatherman Beresford to take over from Morgan as host of GMB.

Keren David said: "Ideally Piers will resign and Alex will get his job."

Funk Butcher said: "Alex should have sat in his chair when he left. To activate the subliminals."

Maia Dunphy tweeted: "Also, can we start a call to have @alexberesfordTV take over the main seat? (Well, a new seat, as I’d imagine Piers’ one has been destroyed by damp). Alex is the kind of rational, calm, charming anchor that might just make me watch @GMB again."

And Count Cristoph wrote: "Love that @alexberesfordTV managed to touch a nerve so deep and true that Piers Morgan has flounced off set @gmb - give Alex the Anchor job. Morgan can clearly dish it out but can’t take it."

Morgan stormed off the set after Beresford said to him: "Beresford said: "I understand that you've got a personal relationship with Meghan Markle, or had one, and she cut you off. She's entitled to cut you off. Has she said anything about you since she cut you off? I don't think she has. But yet you continue to trash her."

Morgan got up from his seat at the GMB desk and began to walk out saying: "Okay, I'm done with this."

Beresford then told Susanna Reid and viewers: "This is absolutely diabolical behaviour. Piers spouts off on a regular basis."

After going to an ad break Morgan returned to the studio.

He later tweeted in defence of his actions: "I just prefer not to sit there listening to colleagues call me diabolical."

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But many have pointed out that Beresford actually called him diabolical after he had left.

Beresford grew up in Bristol and began his career on ITV West. He has appeared as a weather presenter on GMB since the show launched and began appearing as a guest presenter in August last year.