Alex Jones thought pregnancy symptoms were caused by new vegan diet

Alex Jones, host of The One Show (BBC)
Alex Jones, host of The One Show. (BBC)

Alex Jones says she didn't realise she was pregnant with her third child, blaming her symptoms on a new vegan diet she was trying.

The One Show presenter admitted to the MailOnline that she thought it was the meat and dairy-free diet that that had left her 'drained of energy'.

“This is ridiculous in a third pregnancy, but I didn't realise the clues were there because I honestly blamed everything on the veganism,” Jones said.

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Jones and husband Charlie Thompson, who are already parents to their two sons Teddy, four and Kit, 23 months, admitted that although she was 'huge surprise' they are 'ecstatic' to meet their baby girl.

“It was a funny thing because we hadn't necessarily planned on a third because we thought... We were so grateful to have the two boys and we just thought: 'There you are.'"

Alex Jones has said she and husband Charlie Thomson won't be having any more children. (Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images)
Alex Jones has said she and husband Charlie Thomson won't be having any more children. (Getty Images)

“And when we also realised that it was a girl, we were just ecstatic. Because I don't know, it wasn't something that we ever expected, but actually three feels great and nice.”

Jones, 44, discussed the idea of having kids in your fifties, following supermodel Naomi Campbell’s announcement that she had welcomed her first child, but the Welsh presenter insisted that their little girl would be their last as they are “now officially done!”

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Soon to be a mum of three under four and a half, Jones is well-prepared for life to be “hellish” at times as she tries to juggle work and her three children with Thompson, but that they feel “super lucky that it’s happened.”

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The One Show presenter Alex Jones with Eddie Redmayne, left, and Zoe Kravitz, right. (BBC/PA)

Taking to Instagram to reveal the news, the family of four, soon to be five, posed in a black and white family photo with eldest son Teddy holding up a sign that reads “COMING SOON… BABY NUMBER 3.”

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Revealing how her sons have reacted to the news, she admits that youngest son Kit isn't really aware that he’s going to be a big sister.

However, Teddy gave a hilarious response to Jones telling him that there was a baby in her tummy. The four-year-old exclaimed that the family already had a baby [Kit] so they can “send this one back”.

Despite, the initial confusion Jones said that the boys want to name their baby sister Skye after the Paw Patrol character, but Jones has insisted that they won’t be adding any of their children’s suggestions into their list of potential baby names.