Alfa Romeo Tonale Edizione Bambini Is a Concept Car for Toddlers

alfa romeo tonale edizione bambini
Alfa Romeo Tonale Bambini Concept Is for ToddlersAlfa Romeo
  • The Alfa Romeo Tonale Edizione Bambini is an interesting concept that prioritizes toddlers.

  • The one-off Tonale is a parent-focused concept intended to add practical parenting accessories to the car.

  • Titled the Tonale Edizione Bambini, the concept has a station for changing diapers, an in-car baby monitor, and a host of new storage accessories.

Parenting is hard—or so we're told. Alfa Romeo, who hasn't began deliveries for its upcoming Tonale subcompact SUV, has revealed the Edizione Bambini concept that's designed to make parenting while driving less stressful.

The Alfa Romeo Tonale Edizione Bambini is quite the mouthful. Bambini, as you may have guessed, translates from Alfa's native Italian to mean "baby". It's a fitting name once you look inside the concept.

The one-off Tonale is Alfa's answer to tired parents who want to maintain the elegance of a luxury vehicle but are just too damned tire to clean the thing. The trunk of the Bambini is completely overhauled to cater to parenting duties. An in-car vacuum is stored along the back of the trunk, with storage organizers taking up the space in front of it. An Alfa Romeo-badged baby-changing station replaces the standard trunk cover and slides in and out as needed. Nothing says elegance quite like a small poop stain from one really bad day.

alfa romeo tonale edizione bambini
Alfa Romeo

Organizer slots are added to the back of the front driver and passenger seats in an attempt to cure childhood boredom. Alfa also added tablet holders to the back of the front seats to keep your kids occupied. Plus, children sitting in the middle seat have their own leather folder that can hold both a tablet and their own reward chart to minimize back seat arguing.

alfa romeo tonale edizione bambini
Alfa Romeo

Alfa conducted a survey of 2000 UK parents with children aged zero to 11 years old to learn that children kick the back of the front seats roughly 3.5 times per trip. To counter this, the design team for the Bambini added protective panels to maintain style. The back of the front seats also have new storage spaces for a water bottle, bento box, tablet holder, and a chart to encourage children to keep the car clean.

Is the lack of storage really the biggest issue parents have with young children and keeping a clean car? Is a bento box really going to keep toddlers from somehow spilling more Cheerios than they consume? We doubt it but props to Alfa for trying to solve an impossible problem.

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