Alice Oseman teases final volume of 'Heartstopper' in new update

Joe Locke and Kit Connor in 'Heartstopper'
Joe Locke and Kit Connor in 'Heartstopper'

It's been a year since Alice Oseman announced that her beloved Heartstopper graphic novels would conclude with the upcoming sixth volume. Over the weekend, she shared a big update to let fans know just how that's coming along.

"I think I have a first draft of vol 6!!!! (Just the writing, haven't started drawing yet)," Oseman, who also serves as showrunner on the Netflix series, posted to Instagram Stories.

They admitted to feeling "pretty good" about where the draft is at, while acknowledging it likely needs to be cut down before being finalized.

"Gonna share with some friends & colleagues and get some opinions, then make some tweaks probably. Hoping to start drawing in June," she added.

Heartstopper began as a web comic back in 2016, and quickly picked up a dedicated audience. The Netflix adaptation first premiered in 2022, with a second season airing the following year.

Due to Oseman's involvement, the streaming series has been closely following the graphic novels, with the first season covering volumes one and two, and the second covering the events of volume three.

Heartstopper has been renewed for a third season (expected to align with volume four of the graphic novel), expected to premiere in October. Word of the show's fate beyond that remains unknown, but there could presumably be at least another two seasons to cover volume five (published last December) and six.

The reality that Nick and Charlie's story will, in fact, come to an end, whether the Netflix series gets that far or not, seemed to hit fans hard after Oseman's update. As a result, they followed their initial story up with a helpful reminder that there's still a long ways to go for the next installment to make its way into the world.

"I still have to draw it," she wrote, "Which will take me at least 18 months, if not longer. We've got some time before the comics end, lads."