Alicia Silverstone: Clueless star says she was kicked off the same dating app twice

Clueless star Alicia Silverstone has claimed she was banned from the same dating app twice.

The actor said that she “tried to get on one of the dating apps” a few years ago, but “put a fake profile” as she “wasn’t comfortable” showing her true identity.

“And then I got kicked off, I got banned,” she told Drew Barrymore on her US talk show.

Silverstone “tried again” after hearing that Barrymore herself and Sharon Stone were using them.

“I was like, ‘Well, if they can be on, I can be on,’” she continued. “So I went on as myself, and it took a lot of courage to do it. And then I did it, and I had a date with someone planned, and the day I went in to find out about the date where we were meeting or whatever, I had been banned. Poor guy.”

She added: “I got kicked off as myself, too.”

The Batman and Robin actor, who filed for divorce from her husband Christopher Jarecki in 2018, joined Bumble in September, calling it “a great way for people to meet”.

Alicia Silverstone reveals she was kicked off a dating app twice (YouTube)
Alicia Silverstone reveals she was kicked off a dating app twice (YouTube)

“I have experiences where I’ll go to an in-person event and no one’s really engaged,” she told PEOPLE. “They’re sort of in their phones, and it’s a bit discouraging. “It can be like, how are you supposed to meet anyone in the real world?

“I mean, sometimes you do meet people out in the real world, and I certainly have, and it’s been wonderful, but I think that it’s just a really nice way for people to meet.”

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