Alison Hammond charges son, 19, rent - and 'gets nails done' with the cash

Alison Hammond has revealed that she charges her 19-year-old rent - and spends the money on herself.

The ITV This Morning favourite charges Aiden rent from his own pocket despite living together in their family home located around a sprawling garden. The bubbly TV host shared the information during a chat on the Parenting Hell podcast, helmed by Rob Beckett and Josh Widdicombe.

A giddy Alison stated: "It's brilliant, I've gone to a new level. Wait for it... he's paying rent".


"I mean, it's not a lot of rent, I'll be honest with you", revealing that she charges Aiden £10 a week. "Like, he gives it to me every month, that £40 - I absolutely love it.

"I go and get my eyebrows done, I go and get my nails done, and I pay in cash - perfect."

Apart from the pocket-friendly rent, Aiden also coughs up an extra £30 each month to watch footie on SkyTV, reports OK! Despite having an impressive estimated net worth of around £4 million, she sees it as imperative for her only child to learn how to "pay his way", nonchalantly laying claim to the title of "the landlady" while speaking about her technique with the lads on the podcast.

Alison spilled more tea during the same chat, opening up about her relationship with younger man David Putman. Reports are that they got together around April, says the Mirror.

She candidly admitted that he and Aiden have had a meet and wishfully noted her son "really liked him." At a towering 6ft 10ins tall, David isn't just your average Joe; he's a trained body therapist offering an array of treatments including "classic, lymphatic drainage, anti-cellulite, wraps, facial massage."

The pair initially crossed paths when the well-known TV star booked a £150 session with him last year. According to The Sun, Alison would often fit in her massage appointments with David amidst her jam-packed filming timetable.

What started as a professional relationship soon blossomed into romance, sparking whispers of them dating by the close of 2023. David, who is 23 years Alison's junior, doesn't let the spotlight faze him, maintaining a low profile and a down-to-earth attitude.

A pal disclosed to The Sun: "David is a very quiet, unassuming and thoughtful person who likes to play the guitar. He's the strong, silent type, not a pushover, but not chatty like Alison."

They continued: "In that sense they're perfect for each other and to David age is just a number. He's not bothered by fame, he probably didn't even know who Alison was when they first met."