Alison Hammond’s latest Ryan Gosling interview descends into chaos again

The This Morning presenter had the Barbie star in fits of giggles with her line of questioning, but he accused her of deliberately using cheeky innuendo.

Ryan Gosling accused Alison Hammond of being too funny as their latest interview descended into chaos once again.

The This Morning presenter had the Hollywood actor in fits of giggles with her line of questioning and cheeky innuendo as they were reunited for the first time since Hammond's infamous interview with Gosling in 2017, when he decided he needed a stiff drink and offered to help the cameraman.

This time Hammond asked Gosling to take over and interview her instead, handing him her notes. This led to The Fall Guy star claiming she had set out to make him laugh with her deliberate innuendo.

Alison Hammond has been reunited with Ryan Gosling for another madcap interview. (ITV)
Alison Hammond has been reunited with Ryan Gosling for another madcap interview. (ITV)

The TV presenter interviewed Gosling and Mary Poppins Returns star Emily Blunt for their new action-adventure movie The Fall Guy. When Hammond and Gosling previously met back in 2017 the Barbie movie star made a joke of helping out behind the cameras as the For The Love Of Dogs host was directing so many questions to his co-star Harrison Ford.

This time Hammond quizzed Gosling, 43, about the Barbie movie, asking: "Do you think Ryan that Ken will always be inside of you?" This made the actor and Blunt both burst out laughing.

Hammond then asked Gosling if he remembered her and suggested that he take over again and interview her and Blunt instead, saying: "You do the interview, I don't know what I'm doing."

Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt attend the
Ryan Gosling was appearing with Emily Blunt to discuss their film The Fall Guy. (Getty Images)

The pair then swapped chairs. Hammond told him: "You can make it up, you don't have to read my notes. They're so dry." Gosling replied: "I'm going to read your notes. Here's one - be funny." He then joked: "You're not being very funny."

Gosling went on: "I had reason to be suspicious. It says Ken will always be inside of you, and inside is underlined. Alison! You knew what you were doing! You knew it all along."

Hammond also began the interview by telling the stars that she had fallen asleep during their film. The This Morning presenter confessed: "I am getting a little bit older now, So when I'm going to a cinema and it's really dark, I do fall asleep for, like, 10 minutes or so. Don't don't take offence, because I got the gist of it. It's only 10 minutes."

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Hammond, 49, went viral back in 2017 when she interviewed Gosling and Ford for their film Blade Runner 2049. The former Big Brother contestant later confessed she felt very unprepared for the interview as she had not seen the original Blade Runner film, and had only watched a 10 minute preview of their new movie. But she blagged her way through the junket with jokes and banter - which had Gosling and Ford - who notoriously does not like doing interviews - in hysterics.

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Hammond began the interview confessing she had not seen the film and then as she and Ford laughed together, Gosling poured himself a drink of whiskey. Hammond then joined him in a stiff drink and then asked Gosling if her had knitted his own jumper. Gosling said: "I don't know what to say now, is this an interview? Or... do you guys need help with the cameras?!" He then stepped out of shot and pretended to help film the interview.

In 2022 Hammond and Ford were reunited on screen to chat about his new Paramount+ series 1923 and once again enjoyed plenty of laughter together, with Hammond accusing 81-year-old Ford of "leading me astray" in the previous chat.

Hammond found fame on the third series of Big Brother in 2002 before launching a successful TV career. She has been a presenter on This Morning for 20 years, often covering showbusiness news, and in 2022 took over as a full-time host on Fridays and the holidays with Dermot O’Leary.

This Morning airs on weekdays from 10am on ITV1.

The Fall Guy is released in UK cinemas from Thursday 2 May.