Almost 60% of young people are fearful for their generation’s future – study

Almost two thirds of young people in the UK are fearful for their generation’s future, a study has found.

Research from The Prince’s Trust charity has revealed that 49% of people aged 16 to 25 feel anxious about their future daily while 59% agree it is “frightening” for their generation.

It comes as The Prince’s Trust launches its “Class of Covid” campaign to raise awareness of how young people are still feeling the repercussions of the pandemic on their education, employment and wellbeing.

The charity’s chief executive Jonathan Townsend is now calling on businesses, the Government, charities and the public to help young people “build a positive future”.

The poll, conducted by Censuswide, asked 2,002 young people from across the UK how in control they felt over their lives and careers since the pandemic.

Out of the respondents, 45% said anxiety around recent political and economic events affects them daily.

Meanwhile, just over half, 51% said their aspirations for the future are lower now as a result of global events since 2020.

The same proportion agrees the expected recession is causing concern over their job security, with one in three no longer thinking they will achieve their career goals.

More than a third – 35% – said they even feel their life is spiralling out of control, increasing to 41% for those from lower income backgrounds.

And 29% of those from more affluent families think their job prospects will recover compared with 42% from lower income families.

In light of the figures, Mr Townsend said: “Young people in the UK today are facing a unique set of repercussions from the pandemic, impacting their education, employment and wellbeing, and leaving them destabilised and debilitated.

“As the economic climate continues to change around us, we must not turn our back on this generation.

“With businesses, government, charities and the public working together, we can ensure the “Class of Covid” is given the opportunity to take control of their lives and build a positive future.”