Alyssa Edwards opens up on her emotional journey to self-love on 'The GOAT' (exclusive)

Alyssa Edwards Justin Johnson The GOAT Freevee
Alyssa Edwards Justin Johnson The GOAT Freevee

She's back back back again!

Alyssa Edwards needs absolutely no introduction. This queen has cemented herself as a legend from her appearances on season five of RuPaul's Drag Race and the second season of All Stars.

It's been quite some time since we've seen this meme queen appear on a reality competition show... but the time has come for Edwards to reintroduce herself to the world.

Fans will get to see a new side of Justin Johnson (her legal name) as he competes against some of the biggest reality TV legends on the new show The GOAT.

In the exclusive clip below, Johnson opens up to fellow contestant CJ Franco from FBoy Island on his journey to accepting his sexuality and living his life has an out and proud drag queen.

Take a peek at the inspiring moment below and watch all of the shenagins on The GOAT unfold when it premieres May 9 on Freevee.

Alyssa Edwards Opens Up on Her Journey on 'The GOAT' (Exclusive)