Alyssa Milano Gets Flak For Super Bowl Photo With Son After GoFundMe Stir

Alyssa Milano can’t win.

The former “Charmed” star shared an innocuous photo with her son, Milo, at the Super Bowl in Las Vegas on Sunday. “My buddy,” she captioned the picture.

But she got sacked by critics for attending such a pricey event and publicizing it after saying she could not afford to pay for a trip for Milo’s baseball team.

Last month, Milano attracted heaps of scorn for referring fans to her GoFundMe to finance the venture. Detractors basically said a presumably wealthy celebrity like Milano shouldn’t be soliciting donations.

Critics were at it again on her Instagram page when the Super Bowl post popped up. Many remarks leaned on the snide side.

“Wow, donations must have been pretty good,” one commenter wrote.

“This is what the gofundme was for!” another said.

“Oh wow, you can afford the Super Bowl?” someone else asked.

There were far worse and far more presumptuous replies ― and many people jumped to the actor’s defense. It’s not clear how Milano got the tickets, but regardless, we hope she and her son had fun.

HuffPost has reached out to her rep for comment.