Amanda Abbington's fiancé posts 'consequences' message as Giovanni Pernice quits BBC Strictly Come Dancing

Amanda Abbington’s fiancé has posted a cryptic message about "terrible circumstances" after Giovanni Pernice quit BBC Strictly Come Dancing. Jonathan Goodwin, a Britain's Got Talent daredevil, took to social media to share a cryptic post about 'the good and the bad'.

He wrote on Instagram: "We don’t control what happens to us… but we do control how we feel about it…. Every single moment that we live adds depth and weight to our identity. The good… and the bad… it is literally impossible to become an adult and not experience at least a few terrible circumstances…

"The real test of character is how we react to them." A leaked internal memo that's been doing the rounds doesn't feature Giovanni's name among this year's roster of professional dancers, fuelling speculation about his departure.

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Giovanni's decision to step back comes on the heels of a strained partnership with Sherlock actress Amanda, 52, during last year's show. "Gio feels the scrutiny on him has become too much, and now is the time to make a fresh start," an insider said.

"He wants to focus on other TV projects, and feels he's achieved all he can on Strictly, having won the trophy back in 2021 and reaching the final an unprecedented four times." An insider told The Sun: "He remains adamant he's done nothing wrong other than being a hard taskmaster, but knows his style of training isn't to everyone's liking - especially in this day and age.

"He has a lot of other exciting projects in the pipeline right now, and he's just super-excited to get cracking on them. This, now, is his priority." Amanda later revealed that she had been diagnosed with mild post-traumatic stress disorder after her time on the competition.

Amanda left the dance competition citing "medical reasons", but rumours have since surfaced that the Sherlock actress is considering legal advice after experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).