Amanda Holden begs 'end it' as 'dangerous' Britain's Got Talent act goes wrong

Britain's Got Talent act Serbat Troupe
Britain's Got Talent act Serbat Troupe -Credit:ITV

Amanda Holden was left begging for a 'dangerous' Britain's Got Talent act to stop after one of the performers dramatically fell during their audition - but viewers at home weren't convinced it was real. Acrobatic group, Serbat Troupe, had been performing a stunt where one of the performers was balanced by one hand on his friends head as he walked over a ladder.

But just moments into the act, he dramatically fell from a height and looked in pain as the judges rushed to ask if he was okay. Alesha Dixon commented: "I actually feel a bit sick, I don't like it."

The performer then stood up and gave a thumbs up to the judges. But Amanda begged 'end it there' as Bruno Tonioli insisted 'they don't have to do it'.

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But the group went ahead with the trick for a second time - and stunned everyone as they pulled off the amazing feat. Bruno told them: " It was so compelling I nearly passed out, never seen anything like it."

Amanda said: "It was so brilliant but so tense and so scary and I don't think we've ever seen anything like that before." Simon added: "To do this without a net, to see how easily this could go was a great audition."

The group received four yeses and were sent straight through to the next round of the competition. But not all viewers at home were convinced by the fall as they speculated it was 'staged'.

One commented on the official Britain's Got Talent Instagram page: "Although a fantastic act. This sort of act has been seen from the 70’s to the late 80’s. Mainly in circus. The “”fall”” is staged for dramatics. But of course. Still a clever, and sometimes dangerous, act."

A second agreed: "The fall was planned. I’ve seen them do this before bab. They always complete the act on the second go." And a third echoed: "He fell on purpose."

But others were genuinely scared for the performer, saying: "Blimey that was dangerous." Another fan added: "I mean that was a real WOW moment...Brilliant."

Britain's Got Talent returns to ITV next Saturday night.