Amanda Holden defends daughter, 18, sharing bikini snaps online after stripping naked on air

Amanda Holden
Amanda says she encourages body positivity in her household -Credit:Joe Maher/Getty Images

Amanda Holden has taken a stand for her 18-year-old daughter Lexi's choice to share bikini photos online this comes just a few days after the star herself got undressed in the Heart FM studio.

The Britain's Got Talent judge, now 53, participated in a live drawing section where she had to take off her clothes, her co-host Jamie Theakston jested that it "wasn't a first for her" reports the OK!.

Moving past her own antics and addressing parenthood in this digital era, Amanda laid bare how she guides her two daughters through social media.

She detailed an open conversation she had with her older daughter Lexi about sharing bikini pictures on Instagram.

Amanda revealed that she and her husband Chris Hughes decided to promote body positivity, allowing Lexi to shape her own personal image on the internet. "Lexi did speak to me and her dad about this," Amanda brought up during a recent interview.

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Amanda Holden has defended her daughter Lexi's decision to post bikini photos on social media -Credit:lexi.hughes_official/Instagram

While in conversation with MailOnline, Amanda said: "She is 18 years old now, so I feel like she's confident and we have always encouraged body positivity in our house. I feel like if she's ready to do that then we're all for it."

"She is aware of what the consequences may be, but I believe she should have the freedom to do what pleases her, when it suits her, and at 18 that's the right time to do so."

Amanda revealed her penchant for doing anything "when she's tanned", as she openly talked about her decision to bare all in the Heart FM studios.

In an episode of Monday's breakfast show, Heart FM studio was innovatively transformed into an art class and served as a backdrop for Amanda, who posed while others sketched.

In the process, cameras captured her dropping her slacks to showcase her derriere, leading Jamie Theakston to comment: "What's slightly distracting, Amanda's in the corner of the studio, without any clothes on," which also saw him quickly add: "Which is a first, not for her of course but certainly for most of us."

An unnamed female voice burst forth with a glowing appraisal, stating: "Amanda looks amazing, can I just say."

Amanda Holden
The Heart team took part in some life drawing during Monday's breakfast show -Credit:Instagram/Heart FM

Not missing a beat, Jamie ended up revealing: "Erm, we've all been drawing Amanda," and Amanda responded by requesting if she could get a look at the sketches.

When gifted with the visuals, Amanda was candidly surprised, expressing: "Oh! That's not bad at all! " A taken aback Jamie then pleaded: "Amanda, can you put a top on? It's slightly distracting," once viewers were privy to the spectacle of her sans clothing, respectfully maintaining her modesty with her hands.

But, as it turns out things weren't exactly what they seemed to be on the surface.

Amanda confessed during a later interview, mentioning: "I don't want to kill the magic... obviously, everyone thinks I'm naked, but I was not naked," according to a report in The Mirror.

"There is no way I would get my full kit off with boys in the studio, but it was fun. I was wearing underwear, but this was our whole point, when I come back to Heart after being away, I always like to return with a bang. I did not know it was happening."

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