Amanda Holden makes another dig at Phillip Schofield, claiming she's a 'manageable' colleague


It’s been months now since the This Morning row between Amanda Holden and Phillip Schofield first kicked off, but the Britain’s Got Talent judge is keeping things rumbling on with a fresh jibe at her former co-star.

Holden appeared on Good Morning Britain today with her Heart Radio co-host Jamie Theakston to talk about the fundraising challenges they are taking on – a skydive for Holden and an epic cycle ride for Theakston – in aid of Global’s Make Some Noise charity.

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Asked by GMB co-host Piers Morgan what Holden was like to work with, Theakston joked: “She’s a dream, Piers. What else did you say, Amanda?”

Holden laughed: “Manageable!”

It was a clear dig at This Morning star Schofield, as the spat began over rumours that Holden had lost out to Rochelle Humes as Holly Willoughby’s stand-in on the show last year because Schofield had reportedly branded her “difficult to manage”.

Holden had covered as Schofield’s sofa mate before, but he was said not to be keen on bringing her back – although he’s commented on being saddened by the stories about his alleged behaviour.

Meanwhile, Holden has claimed she tried to extend an olive branch to Schofield but was turned down.

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Morgan, who used to judge BGT with Holden, poked fun at his own co-star Susanna Reid as he asked about the Heart duo’s relationship.

He said: "Breakfast presenting, when you just get put with somebody, it's like an arranged marriage.

"It's quite a tricky dynamic. You wake up, you're tired, it's early morning, you've got to be all bubbly and happy and you've got to pretend to like each other."

Theakston agreed: "It's a bit like giant pandas trying to mate: you've just got to put them in a room and hope they get along."

Reid then asked: “Has working with Amanda inspired you to throw yourself out of a plane?” as she prompted Theakston to talk about his charity challenge.

When Morgan joked that the Heart stars had faces for radio, Holden revealed that his GMB days could be over soon.

She said: "It's only a matter of time for you, when's your contract's up – in about four months, Piers?"

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Holden also spilled the beans on Simon Cowell’s recent weight loss, suggesting it might not be purely down to going vegan.

She said: “He’s drinking lightweight beers, that’s the secret. And I tasted it because I thought it was gonna taste, like, naff. Actually it’s quite decent. You could take a tip from him, Piers.”