Amanda Holden reveals truth behind 'naked' Heart appearance

Amanda Holden returns to our screens with BGT this weekend

Amanda Holden reveals truth about being
Amanda Holden reveals truth about being "naked" at Heart. (ITV screengrab)

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Amanda Holden shocked everyone by going naked at Heart but now the star has revealed what really went on in the studio.

Often the TV presenter sparks outrage with her racy outfits on Britain's Got Talent and Holden admitted she walks around naked at home - the latter drives her daughters mad. But jaws dropped when Holden appeared to get naked for a life drawing lesson at Heart.

Good Morning Britain presenters Kate Garraway and Adil Ray grilled the Britain's Got Talent judge over her recent naked appearance. However, Holden erupted into laughter and said: "Was I in the nude? Was I in the nude?" Then the star revealed the secret behind her so-called naked day at the office.

What, how and why?

The three of them laughed the whole way through the interview. Good Morning Britain presenter Garraway quipped about Holden: "You little tease!"

In disbelief, Ray had to question Holden further as he asked: "You are pixilated there. What's going on?"

Holden revealed the very skimpy item she was wearing during the Heart appearance that got everyone talking. She said: "That's magic! I might have a little Skims on. Do you think I would get my kit off with Jamie Theakston in the studio in all seriousness?"

Ray laughed saying: "I don't know the terms of your contract to be honest!"

Holden said: "They ain't paying me that much." The cheeky star paused and then added: "Although we could discuss it!"

Garraway who has been to that studio was quick to believe Holden because of the temperature. "I've been in that studio," Garraway said. "It's very chilly in that studio. You wouldn't want to be naked would you?"

Amanda Holden will return to our TVs this weekend with Britain's Got Talent. (ITV screengrab)
Amanda Holden will return to our TVs this weekend with Britain's Got Talent. (ITV screengrab)

"Definitely not!" Agreed Holden. The presenter explained to Ray and to everyone at home how cold it really is in the Heart studio. "It's flipping cold. What is it with the heating? I think they like to keep us all awake at Global. The air condition is on full blast in the mornings."

Ray rounded up the interview saying they were big fans of the Britain's Got Talent judge. "Amanda we're huge fans as you know," he said. "Amanda you wake us up in the morning and sparkling up our day. Goodluck with Britain's Got Talent."

Garraway said she couldn't wait to watch Britain's Got Talent and Holden said she was delighted to join them on Good Morning Britain.

Amanda Holden goes naked at home

Cheeky Holden saves going naked for home. The TV presenter cheekily opened up about walking around her house naked and how her daughter Lexi is always telling her to put her clothes on.

She told Yahoo: "I’ve often said our mantra is to 'speak up, speak out and be strong' and they definitely are that, at least where I am concerned! I’m literally like their PA or taxi mum as I call myself."

Amanda Holden (left) and her daughter Lexi.
Amanda Holden and her daughter Lexi on the red carpet. (Getty)

She added: "Like other working parents, I am on speed dial to drive them to and from places, constantly topping up their Go Henry cards, buying them clothes and other things. I’d like to think I have taught both my girls the importance of body positivity and feeling confident in themselves. I mean, I walk around naked at home and it drives them mad. Lexi is constantly telling me to put my clothes on."

Holden returns to our screens this weekend with the new reality series of Britain's Got Talent on Saturday and Sunday.

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