Amanda Holden won't tone down racy outfits

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Amanda Holden won't tone down racy outfits credit:Bang Showbiz
Amanda Holden won't tone down racy outfits credit:Bang Showbiz

Amanda Holden will never tone down her racy outfits.

The 51-year-old 'Britain's Got Talent' judge vowed to be wilder than ever after turning 50 and revealed she splashed out on sexy outfits such as thigh-high boots and latex dresses to celebrate her milestone birthday last year.

She told The Sun newspaper: "When I hit 50 I invested in a pair of thigh-high boots and I thought, ‘This is how I’m going to live the second half of my life’.

"On my birthday I also did a photoshoot where I was half naked on top of a birthday cake.

"I was never going to suddenly get out the twinset and pearls, unless I wore the twinset and pearls with a miniskirt and those thigh boots."

And she doesn't care if other don't approve of her daring outfits.

She said: "I would never listen to anybody who’s going to try to tell me how to behave or how I should dress.

“I’d say bog off to any man or woman — or they — that say that about me.

“And I don’t know anyone who is not enjoying a ‘full marriage’ within my group of friends, let’s just say that. I don’t get it — I feel very sad for people who think like that, because life should be enjoyable.

“I feel like I’m grabbing life by the balls more than I ever did before.”

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