Amanda Holden's most outrageous Britain's Got Talent outfits that broke Ofcom records

Amanda Holden is known for donning an outfit that will get everyone talking and this year's Britain's Got Talent is no different.

The style icon has stunned viewers the last few weeks and in the past has even made viewers report her to Ofcom for her extremely risqué outfit choices - with plunging necklines and deep split dresses.

The 53-year-old has previously opened up about her choice of wardrobe and said she hates the phrase 'dressing for you age' and doesn't plan to tone down her looks despite sparking complaints in the past.

The mum-of-two said that BGT is the perfect show to "take risks", revealing that she takes fashion inspiration from icons such as J-Lo and Kylie Minogue.

However, Amanda's more outrageous looks on the family show have landed her in hot water previously.

In 2017, one of Amanda's choice of dress saw her rack up a record breaking 663 official complaints to Ofcom, and another a few years later drew in 235.

But she hit back at the complaints and said: "I'm thinking more rubber - I enjoyed wearing latex in the auditions, so I'm thinking more latex, more sweating in the lives."

Amanda also insisted that her mum Judith Harrison told her that she "looked better than girls half her age" as she urged her to 'let people talk.'

"When my mum was 48 she wouldn’t have dared wear a mini skirt, because she’s of the era where you wouldn’t dare get your knees out if you were nearly 50.

"Whereas I look at Kylie and J-Lo and think, well if she’s still doing it, I’m still doing it," she said at the time.

"Of course, I have fun on Britain’s Got Talent - it’s the perfect opportunity to take risks. Times have changed and I don’t feel anyone should feel pressure to dress for your age. It’s all about body positivity and feeling good."

We take a look at some of the dresses that sparked fury with viewers and even led to Ofcom complaints.

Gracie revealed that during the auditions producers filmed elements out of sequence
She raised eyebrows in a bright pink latex dress

Julian Macdonald gown - 2017

She wore her blonde hair smooth and straight
Her dresses are either a big hit or a big miss - depending on the viewer's opinions on how a woman in her fifties 'should' dress -Credit:ITV

It was the plunging neckline on this stunning £11,000 gown that appeared to tip people over the edge.

The judge took to the stage in the Julian Mcdonald dress, which revealed most of Amanda's chest and stomach.

Despite looking incredible, Amanda's choice wasn't a popular one and it amassed record-breaking 663 Ofcom complaints.

But Amanda refused to pay attention to the haters who took a disliking to the dress.

"That dress was hysterical – it was Julien Macdonald. I had bits of fish wire underneath my breasts trying to hold that together.

"But, look, I'm from a small-chest family, plus you know I'm 48 years old. It's all quite laughable, but all everyone seems to talk about."

"It's been called another national ­crisis – but, oh no, I will not be covered up," she went on to joke."

One furious fan tweeted: "So Amanda is effectively topless on Britain's Got Talent."

Another added: "What the hell is Amanda wearing on BGT, totally NOT suitable."

"Does Amanda Holden know this is a family show and she doesn't need to dress like a stripper #BGT."

Ofcom decided not to investigate the complaints.

The spiderweb dress - 2019

A few years later Amanda stepped out in a lace dress with a spider web covering one of her breasts.

As well as the sheer dress revealing half of her torso and side of her hip, the gown had a flower pattern running up the legs, covering her from below the navel.

She wore her blonde hair smooth and straight -Credit:Instagram
She wore her blonde hair smooth and straight -Credit:Instagram

Ofcom got nine complaints over this Nicolas Jebran dress by viewers who deemed it "inappropriate" for a family show.

However, the governing body decided against investigating the matter.

Underwear as outerwear

One of her dresses featured a black leotard with a high neck and then a plunging split.

With a thigh-high split, the rest of the dress was a sheer sparkly material that covered her legs and arms - but still allowed her long legs to be very much on show.

Amanda showed off her long legs in the sheer glitzy number
Amanda in her controversial 'spiders web' dress -Credit:Instagram

She told The Sun: "My t*ts seem to become the show's biggest talking point every year."

"Will people be complaining to Ofcom? I hope so, I really do. I haven't done my job if they aren't."

Bold in Blue

In 2020 she had another two complaints sent to Ofcom after viewers claimed they had seen Amanda's nipples.

She had chosen a stunning cut out deep blue dress, with material that covered each breast.

The frock racked up an impressive 235 complaints, with many viewers suggesting they had seen Amanda's nipples.

Standing against her famous 'Mandy Rulez' wall in the studio, she looked sensational in the deep blue dress
Amanda showed off her long legs in the sheer glitzy number -Credit:Daily Record

She took to social media to defend herself: "Mmmm, really? Who has nippled this close to their cleavage?"

"FYI, a boned corset dented the girls all night."

"Surely there are more terrible and important things to write about."

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