Amandla Stenberg drops a diss track clapping back against racist haters

Amandla Stenberg drops Juneteenth-inspired diss track against racist haters
Amandla Stenberg drops Juneteenth-inspired diss track against racist haters

We've totally loved how queer Star Wars has become ever since Amandla Stenberg took the dual leading roles of Mae and Osha.

The Bodies, Bodies, Bodies star has been vocal in their activism toward LGBTQ+ youth throughout their time in the spotlight. Outside of their acting career, they also play the violin and made their vocal debut in a folk duo called Honeywater back in 2015.

In a new song released to celebrate Juneteenth, Stenberg addressed racist haters in a diss track called "Discourse," which they said took them 72 hours to make, and also said haters had "72 hours to respond" -- with choreo.

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In the song, Stenberg raps about an interview they did with Trevor Noah in 2018 where they said the goal of the film The Hate U Give, which they were promoting at the time, was to make "white people cry."

Now that the clip has resurfaced again and gone viral, Stenberg used the track to address the controversy.

"I'm going viral on Twitter again," they rapped in their opening line. "Open up the news to find some interesting things/20 million views/Interview from 2018/With Trevor the King/When I was a teen."

Amandla Stenberg - Portraying Code-Switching in “The Hate U Give” | The Daily Show

The Hunger Games alum went on to rap about police murdering a young Black boy and how their "people cried in the theaters finding release" and how "white people cried" because "they could see us as human beings."

Although the goal was to make people white people in particular cry, the intention was to inspire empathy, not hatred.

"I say white people crying was the goal/If they could take one thing, what would it be?/I say empathy/Ooh, that's why they mad at me?"

Among the people Stenberg took a shot at were journalists, whom they targeted for their bigoted backlash against them, rapping, "Journalists, I'm looking at you/Did you forget it's your job to provide the truth? Spreading divisiveness/Mining the metrics and data/Seems you gave up all your ethics for money and views."

They also took a moment to slam people who think "woke" is a negative term, and said they were "so bored" with the discourse and they were "sick and tired of suppressing" their rage after "400 years of taking their [the racist's] bullshit."

They closed out the track by declaring they wouldn't keep their mouth shut just to avoid being "sent to an early grave."

Check out the powerful track and video below.