'That Was Amazing': After Price Is Right's Epic Showcase Showdown, Drew Carey Was Floored Again By All-Time Game Win

 Drew Carey in grey blazer and paisley dress shirt hosting The Price is Right.
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Just because Pat Sajak bid farewell to fans of Wheel of Fortune in early June, that doesn’t mean all the other game shows out there are slowing down at all. To the contrary, The Price Is Right is wowing audiences left and right, as the producers seem to have tapped into the upper echelon of contestant casting, as less than a week after the long-running hit’s epic showcase showdown highlight, host Drew Carey was stunned anew by a contestant totally dominating the Dice Game.

As one of the best game shows of all time, The Price Is Right has undeniably dished out a ton of wow-worthy highlights, from that accidental car giveaway to the touching Bob Barker tribute and beyond. But rarely have two all-timer appearances happened in such short order, as Carey can certainly attest. Check out the wowzers Dice Game win shown in the clip below.

Would anyone out there be surprised if the first thing Devon did with his new car was drive to the nearest casino to test whether his dice skills worked on a normal-sized die, or if it was limited to just oversized versions? Presumably while booking a hotel in Las Vegas on his phone.

The Price is Right announcer George Gray
The Price is Right announcer George Gray

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For those who couldn't watch, or are unaware of how the contest is played, Dice Game tasks players with rolling to try and match the numbers in the price of a new car, which doesn't feature any zeroes or numbers higher than 6. For non-matching rolls that come up as 2-5, the contestant must guess whether or not the price digit is higher or lower than the one on the die. Thus, rolling a 1 or a 6 means the number in the price is revealed automatically.

So the only way to truly sweep this game is to systematically roll only 1s and 6s. And it looks like Devon was born with magic hands, because that's exactly what he did, pulling out two 6 rolls, a 1, and then another 6. And it's not like he was trying to game the system either, as he rolled with gusto and clearly did not expect to hit an ideal roll each and every time.

Perhaps the best case scenario for any instance when three 6s are involved, amirite?

The Price Is Right's Most Epic Showcase Showdown

Making the Dice Game sweep all the more impressive in retrospect is that it went down less than a week after what was arguably The Price Is Right's most jaw-dropping Showcase Showdown in his 52-season history. If this were me, I would probably still be screaming and hollering in celebration about it, months after the taping. Check out the nutso moment below!

Being just a dollar a Showcase Showdown price is unbelievable, especially for a show that turned "Price Is Right rules" into shorthand for guesses not counting if they're higher than the correct answer.

It's wild, and more than a little depressing, that both of these all-time great appearances went down less than a year after legendary former host Bob Barker passed away at the age of 99. He probably would have gotten a big kick out of both of those as well, maybe using his microphone as a baseball bat swinging at a home run.

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