Amazing undiscovered photographs of New York in the past

Liz Connor
Marvin. E Newman 2017 Howard Greenberg Gallery/Courtesy of TASCHEN

Like many native New Yorkers, Marvin E. Newman fell in love with taking photographs of the city and its inhabitants.

Born in 1927 and raised in the Bronx, where his family ran a bakery, Newman showed an early passion for sculpture. It was after moving to Chicago to study at the Institute of Design that he really cultivated an eye for documentary photography, and switched his degree so he could further study the field.

After returning from art school in the early 1950s, Newman was enthralled with capturing the dazzling lights of Times Square and the yuppies cruising around Manhattan in their Bentleys.

But unlike many of his contemporaries at the time, who were working in monochrome, Newman was one of the first photographers to shoot the Big Apple in colour - a medium that was mostly favoured by fashion and advertising.

Much of his work lay undiscovered for centuries, but now, aged 89, he’s decided to release his first published collection of images.

(Marvin. E Newman 2017 Howard Greenberg Gallery/Courtesy of TASCHEN)

The new monograph contains some 170 images of New York, from the 1940s-1980s, ranging from ‘video nasty’ cinemas in Midtown to sunseekers in Coney Island’s pleasure resort.

(Marvin. E Newman 2017 Howard Greenberg Gallery/Courtesy of TASCHEN)

Click through the gallery above to see more of Newman’s undiscovered images of New York.

City of Lights: The Undiscovered New York Photographer Marvin E Newman is published on May 22 by Taschen.