Amazing Video Shows How Commuters Turned Firefighters After Bus Burst Into Flames

This extraordinary video shows how commuters on a bus became impromptu firefighters after their vehicle burst into flames.

With smoke coming out of their bus, it pulled over to the side of a road near Astana in Kazakhstan.

Passengers thankfully managed to escape and flag down a passing water tanker.


Before that, the bus conductor had tried unsuccessfully to put out the blaze with a fire extinguisher.

An elderly female passenger poured the contents of her bottle of drinking water on to the fire but was told to get back from the flames.

Another passenger called the emergency services, but just then an orange lorry carrying a tank of water arrived.


Passengers grabbed the vehicle’s hose and the bus conductor aimed it at the flames.

At first, they struggled to control the powerful hose but eventually worked together to put out the fire.


No one was injured in the incident and it is thought the fire was started by faulty electrical wiring.

Another bus arrived to bring passengers to their destination.

After footage of the commuters’ heroic actions was uploaded online, one web user said: “Great job. This truck with water was a real life saver”.


Another wrote: “Fantastic teamwork. Respect.”

(Pictures: CEN)