Amazon Fire TV Stick warning as popular streaming device loses important feature

Amazon Fire TV Sticks just lost an incredibly handy feature
Amazon Fire TV Sticks just lost an incredibly handy feature -Credit:PA

Amazon has confirmed that it has temporarily removed a popular feature from Fire TV Sticks, following the discovery of a security glitch.

If you've recently found that the handy virtual remote feature is missing, it's due to security experts uncovering a concerning error with the tool.

Until the block was rolled out, Amazon Fire users could scan a QR code and control their streaming device using their mobile phone or tablet. The function was perfect for people who had misplaced their remote, while it also made typing faster through the use of a keyboard.

But as spotted by the team at AFTVnews, the feature was recently disabled after security experts discovered that the QR code could allow hackers to install apps on Fire devices unbeknownst to the device owner. While it is unclear if anyone was affected by the error, Amazon decided to pull the plug on the feature while making it safe.

The Mirror reports that the security blunder is partly due to the fact that a device scanning the QR code does not need to be on the same Wi-Fi as the Fire Stick, and you don't need to log into an Amazon account to do it either. If you try to scan a QR code to use your phone as an input at present, a message reads: "This page is currently down for scheduled maintenance. Please check back later."

Amazon told AFTVnews: "We appreciate the work of independent researchers to help bring issues to our attention. While we’re still reviewing this research, we immediately disabled the QR feature at issue for Fire TV customers, which fully mitigates the scenario described by the researchers.

"We look forward to bringing this feature back for customers soon."

The move looks to be temporary as Amazon work to secure the feature.