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We found a hidden Amazon page for like-new tech, home and kitchen gear — save up to 60%

Score big markdowns on top brands like Apple, Samsung, Vitamix and more with Amazon Renewed.

Amazon Renewed finds: red Vitamix blender, Samsung The Frame TV, Apple iPad on a blue background
Spring is a time for renewal — Amazon Renewal! (Amazon)

We all know that Amazon is bursting with deals on brand-new products. But did you know that a world of even more ridonculous bargains awaits you at Amazon Renewed? What, pray tell, is Amazon Renewed? It's a little-known Amazon section where you can find refurbished electronics, home goods and kitchen gear for up to 60% off retail. We'll give you a minute to take that in.

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Ready? Okay, here's how it works. Amazon accepts trade-ins on top products from popular brands, inspects and refurbishes these items, then makes them available — in like-new form — at shockingly low prices. And for you skeptics out there, take a chill pill: Every item is backed by the Amazon Renewed Guarantee, which promises a replacement or refund within 90 days if it doesn't work to your satisfaction.

As for the fine print: Products will arrive in excellent working order, tested and thoroughly cleaned by professional technicians. Some may not ship in their original packaging, but they'll come complete with needed accessories. And while some items might not be entirely scratch-free, Amazon guarantees "no visible cosmetic imperfections when held at an arm’s length." Meaning, though the items are not new-new, you'll hardly be able to tell the difference — except in terms of the money you're saving. Here are some of the steals available at Amazon Renewed:


Few TVs have built up a cult following like The Frame, which can display artwork and photos when your TV is "off." While they're not cheap, you can snag this model for less than $700 — a new one would run you nearly $1,000!

"I love this TV," shared a happy customer. "It is beautiful. I don’t watch much TV, so the idea of it being a visually appealing item sold me. I don’t really know what is 'refurbished' about it, as there haven’t been any issues."

$697 at Amazon

A long battery life and fantastic resolution will have you glued to this device all day long. Apple products don't often go on sale, and new iPads can cost upward of $300, making this a worthwhile deal. 

One satisfied shopper wrote: "I bought this in acceptable condition, just taking a chance. Well, I am quite happy. Didn’t want to spend the full money for a new iPad ... If I leave the Wi-Fi off, it barely uses any power. [For] three days I haven’t charged it and [it's] still at 88%. My old iPad turned off in six hours, no matter how many settings I changed. If anything changes I’ll update, but it came in great shape physically and I’m not noticing any internal issues." (Psst: This one comes in "excellent" condition.)

$172 at Amazon

Having a smartphone is essential, and if you'd rather not shell out for a full-priced iPhone, this one arrives in "excellent" condition for under $300. The No. 1 bestseller comes unlocked and ready to pair with your preferred carrier, has 64GB of memory storage and comes in six colors (prices vary). 

"After receiving the phone, visually, it literally looks brand new," raved a reviewer. "Not a single scratch on it anywhere. So far [it] has worked flawlessly, [the] battery time is of that of a new phone. Perhaps it’s luck of the draw, but the phone was literally like buying a brand-new phone."

$259 at Amazon

Looking for an affordable laptop that'll cover the basics? Your search ends here, thanks to this ridiculously discounted bestseller — it's 60% off! You can use it as a laptop or tablet, since it has a unique folding design and touchscreen capability. With an average battery life of 10 hours, you'll be able to browse the web, video chat with friends and family, check emails and, of course, shop at Amazon all day!

"I wanted a low-cost computer that I could use to write my novel on the go," explained a fan. "This gets the job done and more. I got one in "excellent" used condition. Out of the box, it felt like a brand-new product, with no scratches or any defects whatsoever. The battery life is amazing. I wrote for six hours and there was barely any drain. ... [The] touch screen is very responsive and the keyboard/touchpad works great."

$80 at Amazon

Home and kitchen

Self-emptying robovacs do not come cheap, especially the ones from top brands. That's why this $200 Shark is such an impressive deal (you're saving 50%). It boasts an insane 120 minutes of run time before needing a recharge, and the self-emptying base can hold up to 30 days of gunk.

"I’m obsessed," gushed a content cleaner. "Worked and looked like a brand new product ... Setup was super fast and we’ve already had it do a few cleaning runs! It’s much quieter than I expected it to be, I’ve had friends with robot vacuums that really drown out everything else in the room but this only gets a little loud when it’s emptying into the canister. I love it."

$200 at Amazon

Dyson is well respected for its thoughtfully engineered products — and they've got sky-high prices to match. That said, you can score this sleek air purifier just in time to help with spring allergies for over 40% off. And not only that, it doubles as a fan to keep you cool on those sweltering summer days. 

"I put this up in the bedroom to help with my wife's allergies," shared a shopper. "The setup was a snap, took all of about five minutes. I was able to immediately configure the purifier from the mobile app as well as schedule evening hours for quieter run time. I really like the ability to monitor the filter life from the app as well as the daily/monthly monitoring of air quality."

$339 at Amazon

Crispy, crunchy delights await, thanks to this roomy air fryer. It has a 5.5-quart capacity that can hold up to three pounds of fries or wings, but what sets this model apart is the transparent door, which lets you keep an eye on your food while it cooks. This one's a hot 45% off!

"I got it for my stepdad for Christmas and it has been great," wrote a gift-giver. "It has become an everyday [appliance]. I definitely recommend."

$90 at Amazon

If you take your smoothies seriously, you won't find a more powerful blitzer than a Vitamix. And while refurbished models still aren't cheap, you'll be saving $150 with this one. It has settings for hot soup, smoothies and frozen desserts along with 17 programs for whipping up every blended creation under the sun. Plus, it's got a built-in timer and offers access to over 500 recipes via the app. 

"This thing is a beast," declared a fan. "I make protein shakes every day ... This blender has no problem breaking all of the ingredients down into one delicious, perfectly blended smoothie in 50 seconds flat. ... The refurbished model looks and works as if it were brand new and comes with a 5-year warranty."

$450 at Amazon

So, unless you just enjoy paying more, save with Amazon Renewed. You'll find products in 12 major categories:

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