Amazon shoppers can't get enough of 'luxurious' 42p Lindt chocolate biscuit deal

Lindt biscuit packaging
Amazon shoppers are snapping up cases of 'dreamy' branded 42p biscuits perfect for anyone who drinks tea or coffee -Credit:Lindt

Amazon customers are snapping up large boxes of Lindt's Choco Wafer Milk Chocolate biscuits, which have been described as 'divine' and 'perfect' for tea and coffee drinkers.

The biscuits, which were released last year, have quickly become a favourite among those who enjoy a sweet treat with their hot beverage. The Lindt Choco Wafer Milk Chocolate biscuits offer a delightful mix of roasted hazelnuts, crispy cocoa wafers, and the finest milk chocolate - all in one snack-sized packet.

Whether you plan to keep these in your cupboard for special occasions or share them with your family, these biscuits are sure to be a hit. They're now available as a box of twenty on Amazon for £16.99, and with two biscuits per pack, that means each treat costs just 42p.

If you'd like to try a pack before buying the whole box, a pack of two biscuits is available on Amazon for just £5.50, reports the Manchester Evening News.

The Lindt Choco Wafer Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut Treat Pack Case of 20 has received an impressive overall rating of 4.5 stars out of five on Amazon. One customer said: "Really lovely biscuits, great that they are individually wrapped, and are a lovely luxurious treat with a cup of coffee. They will last for ages if you don't keep going back for more. Recommend."

Lindt biscuits in a blue box
The individually wrapped biscuits are perfect for entertaining guests -Credit:Lindt

Another wrote: "This new product is a “winner” in every sense. Love love love it."

One satisfied customer raved: "Delicious. Arrived on time. Not the cheapest chocolates but this pack allows modest consumption as individually wrapped. They are a real treat."

Another penned their approval, saying: "The best thing I did was buy this box. You cannot just have one packet. So tasty and nutty and chocolatey. Will be buying again."

However, not everyone was impressed, with one buyer giving the Lindt Choco Wafer Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut Treat Pack a one-star review. They commented: "Most feel like totally melted as soon as it was delivered by the driver. It’s a wafer so fooling it in fridge won’t really help. Feels like it was not in cool place before or during delivery."

Yet another reviewer was delighted with their Amazon find, enthusing: "In each packet you find two multi layered wafers with much chocolate covered in more chocolate with tiny pieces of hazelnut. Went like a dream with my afternoon coffee, and though each pack is only 30g it is more than sufficient. I was right to get excited upon seeing this new product. I'd have to wait for the price to be reduced to buy any more but they are more than just a curiosity. Go on, be good to yourself."

For those who might fancy a different treat, the KitKat and Friends Big Biscuit Box is up for grabs on Amazon at under £20. This box boasts 69 treat-sized biscuits, featuring favourites such as KitKat original, KitKat Orange Milk Chocolate, Kitkat Dark, Blue Riband, and Toffee Crisp. Alternatively, a multipack of Border Biscuits is £11.19 on Amazon.

Shop the Lindt Choco Wafer Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut Treat Pack at 15% off here.

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