Amazon shoppers hail 'ultimate' travel pillow that creates 'perfect wall' for sleeping

Woman demonstrating a neck pillow
This longer travel cushion can help make travelling more comfortable -Credit:Amazon

Going on a holiday is supposed to be relaxing, but getting there can be stressful, which is why it's always important to make sure you're flight is as comfy as possible.

One way to do this is invest in a sturdy travel pillow - and Amazon stocks one that offers "full comfort". Most travel cushions are designed to fit just around the neck and while this does help keep neck pain at bay, the Ultimate Travel, Neck & Body Pillow goes one step further.

Priced at £25.54 on Amazon, the inflatable accessory comes with extra length to support upright snoozing, whether it be on a plane, train, or even at the office. With summer on the horizon, many people will be looking forward to a sunny getaway and this means ensuring you are fully organised to ensure a seamless journey.

The pillow, which comes in blue, grey and red shades, its banana shape design helps to ease tension and neck strain and can also offer window seat like support to those with a booked middle seat. Users can attach it to their seat, seatbelt or wear it freestyle.

Travel pillow demonstration
The foldable pillow won't take up suitcase space -Credit:Amazon

Rather than being forced to use precious carry-on space, the pillow folds neatly and can be inflated in as little as "30 seconds". Earing an overall 3.9 out of five stars on Amazon shopping reviews, one buyer said it can be folded into "the size of a small water bottle".

The five star review said: "I have an old neck injury, so long flights are very troublesome for me. I slept for 6.5 hours straight on my last flight from Miami to London with this pillow. My neck wasn't sore at all and I fell right to sleep. This pillow creates a perfect 'wall' to lean against.

"It packs down to the size of a small water bottle and is can be inflated and connected to the headrest in 30 seconds. I love it."

A second said: "After spending so much time researching... and already having tested a different inflatable pillow... I opted to buy this one. YES. Best decision I made.

"I looked into all of the popular pillows, such as the J- pillow, memory foam, neck wraps, etc. And decided, as I am a side sleeper, and didn't find my last U-shaped pillow particularly comfy on my eight long haul flights- and like to be able to deflate it- to go for this!"

However, some buyers felt the pillow didn't live up to the hype. A two star rating said: "I was so delighted to use this on my long haul flight. It worked well on the way there and I was able to nap a little with my head securely propped.

"But when I took it out of the bag to use on my return flight it appears to have sprung s leak and wouldn’t hold air! It was stored away gently in my travel case so no reason for it. So disappointing!"

For travellers who like to use their airplane tray table for a snooze, Amazon also stocks an inflatable pillow that is shaped to for leaning forward sleeping and costs £12.79. For a long pill on a smaller budget, the Soft Neck U Shaped Travel Pillow made with memory foam costs £12.90 on eBay.

Visit Amazon here to nab the the Ultimate Travel, Neck & Body Pillow for £25.54.

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