America from above: Stunning aerial images give unique top-down view of LA and Miami

The Park Le Brea apartment complex, Los Angeles (Jeffrey Milstein/Rex)
The Park Le Brea apartment complex, Los Angeles (Jeffrey Milstein/Rex)

Forget a bird’s-eye view, this is a God’s-eye view of the stunning symmetry and architecture of man-made America.

The breathtaking images were captured by Jeffrey Milstein for the photo series, Fabricated Landscapes, which features a sky-high views of residential, city, waterside and industrial sites in the United States.

As well as the different housing styles of Los Angeles, there are studies of container ports, marinas packed with the yachts of the wealthy, airports made to look toy-like.

Jeffrey explains: 'This series began about two years ago when I was visiting relatives in LA where I grew up and learned to fly as a teenager.

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‘I was walking around Beverly Hills at the base of Benedict canyon and there were these large estates with big walls and dogs and cameras and guards that would appear if you looked too close.

‘I thought It might be interesting to get a helicopter and photograph the hidden yards behind the walls.

‘I wanted to compare and contrast the way neighbourhoods of different economic class appear from the air,’ as seen in the disparity between the Hollywood mansions with vast gardens and swimming pools and the trailer parks in Los Angeles.