All American boss breaks down season 5's emotional Billy flashback

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All American boss breaks down season 5 flashbackTroy Harvey/The CW

All American spoilers follow.

All American boss Nkechi Okoro Carrol has broken down that emotional Billy flashback from season 5.

Inspired by the real life of American football player Spencer Paysinger, the CW teen sports drama tells the story of Compton high-schooler Spencer James, who's recruited to play football in Beverly Hills.

Last month, Taye Diggs's character Billy tragically died, leaving fans questioning the exact nature of his last moments — which weren't shown on screen.

However, during this week's episode, fans were finally offered closure on the death of the beloved character in the form of a flashback scene.

Jabiri opened up to Billy's widow Laura, sharing the details of her late husband's final minutes.

Then, during the flashback scene, we saw Billy climb back onto an overturned bus in an attempt to rescue Jabari. The bus was teetering on the edge of a cliff, and as it creaked and moved, Billy hung back to give Jabari the chance to escape.

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Speaking of the emotional moment, showrunner Nkechi Okoro Carroll told TVLine that Billy knew exactly what he was doing.

"If you notice, the minute he helps Jabari up and the bus keeps rocking, that's the minute he tells Jabari that he should go first. It's the minute Billy knew: 'Two of us don't make it off.'

"But if he told Jabari that in the moment, Jabari never would have left the bus. So he had to tell him: 'I'll be right behind you.'

"And it's not until Jabari turns back around [that he] realizes Billy isn't moving. And it's not shock on Billy's face. It's almost acceptance, because he realized a couple minutes ago that that was his fate."

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