American Gods - First Trailer Revealed!


Bryan Fuller’s adaptation of American Gods, the novel by Neil Gaiman, is something that’s been on my radar for a while now. I first read the book back in September, and I loved it - it’s probably my favourite of all of Gaiman’s works, with its deeply compelling storyline and host of engaging characters. I was quite excited to learn, then, that Bryan Fuller would be adapting the book for television - not just because it’d make a fantastic television show, of course, but because Bryan Fuller is a very highly acclaimed writer in his own right, who would no doubt be able to bring something special of his own to the programme.

In this trailer, we get our first look at Shadow (Ricky Whittle) and Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane), as well as Shadow’s wife Laura (Emily Browning) and a whole host of other Gods, such as Bilquis (Yetide Badaki), Czernobog (Peter Stormare), and Technical Boy (Bruce Langley).

You can see the trailer here:

Immediately, it’s clear that this is going to be a brilliant television series, with both Whittle and McShane already looking to be perfect casting. Though it’s obviously still quite early, it also seems that American Gods will be a very visually impressive series, carrying on the precedent set by Fuller’s previous work on Hannibal.

The series is intended to last for several years; the first season, comprising of ten episodes, will cover the first third of the book, ending at the House of the Rock, with the second season being predominantly set at Lakeside. Neil Gaiman, who has taken an executive producer role on the series, stated that “one of the first things that we’re doing is going we don’t have to make a TV series that only exists from Shadow’s point of view”; the story is going to be expanded, further developing each of the characters and their plotlines. Similarly, Bryan Fuller has said that “it feels like the book would be anywhere from three to four seasons”, noting that Starz has said they “want [American Gods] to last a while”. It seems that we have quite a lot to look forward to!

Also intriguing is Fuller’s comment that American Gods will focus on the “political climate and the sociological climate” of America, with commentary on the perspective of black people and of woman, as well as an episode invoking the gun control debate; the hope, Fuller says, is to use “those sort of hot-topic issues as a platform to have a conversation about faith and our role in the universe”.

It sounds to me that American Gods is going to be an even more compelling series than I could have hoped for, and I really can’t wait until it airs.


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