American reality TV hunter Larysa Switlyk poses with dead wild goats, angering Scottish govt.

Raechal Shewfelt
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

Larysa Switlyk, star of Larysa Unleashed, had a fabulous time hunting wild goats during a trip to Scotland, and she’s got the photos and footage for her show to prove it. The hunting enthusiast on Tuesday shared instagram photos of her and a companion posing alongside the animals they had killed during what she called the “time of our lives.”

Scottish officials enjoyed her visit much less.

Mike Russell, a member of Scottish Parliament, told BBC Scotland that the photos were “horrific.” They were enough to persuade him to contact Scotland’s environment secretary and request that goat hunting on the island of Islay, where Switlyk had killed the animals, be “stopped immediately.”

The BBC estimated that approximately 3,000 feral goats are spread out over the U.K., and hunting the goats on the island is legal. The country’s sports tourism industry is reportedly worth about $200 million annually. It’s Switlyk’s social media posts that show her posing alongside dead goats, and also a ram and a deer she had killed, as well as her hunting method, that seemed to particularly bother Russell.

“The pictures are horrific. Obviously deer culling and deer stalking is established on the island and it’s a necessary thing to do considering the lack of control of deer numbers,” Russell told the BBC. “But to see people in camouflage with highly powered sniper rifles rejoicing at the killing of a goat, let alone a ram, is simply unacceptable.

“The vast majority of people would just not regard this as something that should be happening in their country,” Russell said. “There has been something of an outcry already about it and as a local MSP I have now raised it with the environment minister because I think it’s really undesirable and unpleasant.”

Mark Ruskell, another member of Scottish Parliament, said he had pressed the government to “make it known that bloodsport participants are unwelcome to visit Scotland for the barbaric practice,” following Switlyk’s stop there.

Switlyk did not respond to the BBC’s request for comment. Yahoo Entertainment has reached out.

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