All American season 6: next episode info and everything we know about the coming-of-age drama

 Daniel Ezra as Spencer in a hallway in All American season 6.
Daniel Ezra as Spencer in a hallway in All American season 6.

After a frustrating season for #Spelivia fans that thankfully ended in the season 5 finale with Spencer (Daniel Ezra) and Olivia (Samantha Logan) at least on a better path romantically, All American season 6 shows not only what happens next for the lovebirds, but what’s in the future for all the members of The Vortex.

It’s truly a testament to the show’s fanbase that All American was renewed back in January 2023, especially when you consider a number of The CW shows didn’t meet the same fate as media company Nexstar made changes to the fall lineup shortly after acquiring the network.

So what can you look forward to with the new episodes? Here’s everything we know about All American season 6.

Next episode of All American season 6

All American season 6 recaps

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All American season 6 is back with another new episode, and with tensions rising between Spencer and Jordan, we can't wait to see what happens next.

The episode titled "Business is Business" airs on Monday, April 15, at 8 pm ET/PT on The CW. Here is a synopsis of what's to come:

"New changes on the field begin to create tension between Spencer (Daniel Ezra) and Jordan (Michael Evans Behling) at the worst possible time.  While working on her latest project, Olivia (Samantha Logan) deals with the emotional fallout of digging too deep into the past.  Elsewhere, Asher (Cody Christian) is forced to make a difficult decision after losing one of his star players."

Check out this promo for the episode.

All American is an original series on The CW network, and new episodes premiere directly on the television channel. Those who don’t have traditional cable/satellite TV can still watch season 6 episodes live as they air with a subscription to live-streaming TV services such as FuboTV, Hulu Live with TV and YouTube TV. Additionally, new episodes are likely to become available to stream the day after they air on The CW app. The app is not only free, but it also doesn’t require you to log in.

No word yet as to when the new season will premiere in the UK.

All American season 6 cast

The main cast are all returning sans Taye Diggs who played Coach Baker (the character died saving a high school player’s life after a bus accident).

That means Daniel Ezra is back as Spencer James. While Ezra has been spotted in other shows like Prey and A Discovery of Witches, his most notable role to date has been in All American.

Completing the other half of the show’s soulmates as Olivia Baker is Samantha Logan. She’s previously starred in 13 Reasons Why and Junior.

Rounding out the rest of the season 6 cast are the following:

  • Greta Onieogou (Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters) as Layla

  • Michael Evans Behling (The Manny) as Jordan

  • Bre-Z (Empire) as Coop

  • Cody Christian (Teen Wolf) as Asher

  • Chelsea Tavares (Animal Kingdom) as Patience

  • Karimah Westbrook (After We Collided) as Grace

  • Monet Mazur (Monster-In-Law) as Laura

As more season 6 casting news comes to light, we’ll be sure to pass along the information.

All American season 6 plot

Bre-Z as Coop stitting in a classroom in All American season 5
Bre-Z as Coop stitting in a classroom in All American season 5

Here's what you can look forward to seeing in season 6 of the show:

"Season 6 finds Spencer (Daniel Ezra) and his friends in momentous new chapters of their lives. Now juniors at GAU, Spencer and Jordan (Michael Evans Behling) are officially eligible to enter the NFL draft, placing Spencer, especially, at the center of the media spotlight. Egos soon clash when a new addition joins the GAU coaching staff and shifts the team dynamics.

"Meanwhile, Olivia (Samantha Logan) returns to L.A. changed by her time in London and invigorated by a new project to honor her father’s legacy. After being apart, Spencer and Olivia try to reconnect as new versions of themselves. Layla (Greta Onieogou) also explores a new version of herself as she adds 'club owner' to her impressive list of titles. While still happily engaged to Jordan, she faces growing pressures that test their relationship and her mental health.

"Coop (Bre-Z) flexes her legal muscles while faithfully supporting Patience (Chelsea Tavares) through her healing journey, as Patience prepares for a looming legal battle against the superfan that attacked her last season. Asher (Cody Christian) navigates life as a new parent while Laura (Monét Mazur) settles into the next stage of her personal and professional life. And through it all, Grace (Karimah Westbrook) remains a constant anchor for Spencer, and everyone else, when they need her the most, while dealing with her sons growing up too fast. Together, the entire group discovers that, even in their toughest moments, the best path forward is to seize today and lean on each other."

All American season 6 trailer

Here is the exciting trailer for the season. From the look of things, The Vortex is once again facing some internal strife.