American tourist blown away after London Uber driver returns $200 headphones

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An American tourist lauded the kindness of Brits after a London Uber driver tracked her down to return her lost headphones. Dejunee Morris, 31, has been in the UK since June 11 and says she has been really surprised by the kindness of locals.

Before setting off, Dejunee's family had issued her caution whilst travelling on her own to Europe. But Dejunee, couldn't believe how helpful everyone was, especially after an Uber driver returned her £158 ($200) headphones.

Dejunee hadn't realised her headphones were missing until the driver showed up at her hotel to return them.

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Dejunee, a business owner from California, Los Angeles, USA, said: "I was checking in at the front desk and about to go up the elevator when this guy came running up the stairs.

"I was thinking this guy looks familiar then he handed me the headphones, which I didn't even realise were missing! He said he even tried to call me but it was an old number on my Uber account, so I wouldn't have know had he not ran after me.

"He really did his due diligence. This was the best first experience to have in London! I was literally blown away. If I was in America, those headphones would've been gone."

Dejunee, who is now in Liverpool, says she has experienced the same kindness from locals with giving her advice on where to go.

She said: "The movie Taken is not doing you guys favours! My mum's mindset was to be quite nervous and scared about Europe and the UK, but being here its completely the opposite.

"I'm now in Liverpool which has been great. I have had lots of people giving me advice on where to go next too. I plan on travelling around until at least December with Manchester, Scotland and Amsterdam planned so far.

"I've spent 31 years of my life in America, so I am happy to now be getting out there and seeing more of the world."