Americans horrified at British Chinese takeaway: ‘So much curry sauce’

Two British TikTok users, Cory’s World and Lauren Kate Griffiths, make videos to explain British Chinese takeaways (CorysWorld/LaurenKateGriffiths/TikTok)
Two British TikTok users, Cory’s World and Lauren Kate Griffiths, make videos to explain British Chinese takeaways (CorysWorld/LaurenKateGriffiths/TikTok)

Americans have discovered how Brits order a Chinese takeaway — and they’re horrified.

Videos of British people unboxing their Chinese takeaways have apparently been flooding American TikTok feeds in recent weeks.

In what has become a trend, TikTok users from the UK have been showing their viewers what they order at Chinese takeaway, with their plates full of classic items such as chicken balls, chips, and curry sauce.

And while they may not be the most authentic Chinese dishes, they’re certainly staples of any British Chinese takeaway.

But viewers, who we can assume are not British, were baffled at an example of a very normal Chinese takeaway (by British standards, at least).

One viewer said: “With all due respect, British Chinese food is ABSOLUTELY WILD????”, while another said: “I think the British are playing a joke on us ‘cause at this point…”

Over on Twitter, Drag queen KimChi said: “Is everyone else’s TikTok timeline invaded by British Chinese food TikToks too???

“Somehow every other video I get is a Brit ‘getting a Chinese’ and pouring curry sauce and sweet sour all over their chips, chicken balls and rice??? What is happening???”

American TikTok users have also taken issue with how British people describe a Chinese takeaway as simply “a Chinese,” instead of “Chinese food,” with one user claiming that it “feels racist.”

TikTok user Soogia1 said: “I know it’s not intended to be racist, but it just kind of feels like it is.”

A Twitter user also took offence at how British people describe different cuisines, saying: “British people calling Chinese food, ‘a Chinese’ makes me irrationally angry.

“Why do you guys say ‘I ordered a Chinese’? It sounds like a hate crime.”

Soogia also asked if British people also said “a Mexican,” or “an Italian,” for example.

But Soogia said that the thing she found most different about British Chinese food was the curry sauce: “Lots of curry sauce. Pools of curry sauce all over all the Chinese food.”

Two of the British TikTok users who were featured in Soogia’s original video, Cory’s World and Lauren Kate Griffiths, responded with follow-up videos to explain British Chinese takeaways.

They both clarified that British people do indeed call everything “a Chinese,” or “a Mexican,” and that it’s simply cutting off the word “takeaway” or “meal” from the end.

Lauren Kate Griffiths also revealed that her page had been “overwhelmed with horrible comments,” from Americans confused about British culture.

Meanwhile, Cory’s World also explained the question all Americans are wondering: what’s the deal with curry sauce?

The food blogger said it was simply “the best thing ever”.