All American's Taye Diggs responds to possible return in season 6

taye diggs
Taye Diggs teases All American return for season 6Unique Nicole - Getty Images

Taye Diggs has teased a special return to All American for its sixth season.

Wondering how? Us too, seeing as Diggs' character Billy Baker died in the fifth season of the show, after the bus that was left teetering over a cliff edge fell with Coach Baker still inside.

Billy's death was initially not shown, but in a flashback, we see him climb back onto an overturned bus to rescue Jabari Long.

taye diggs
Unique Nicole - Getty Images

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Luckily, Diggs has some answers as to how the beloved character could return to All American.

Speaking to TVLine, Diggs said the coach could return in ghost form, adding: "In the context of the boys are struggling, and they kind of envision me giving sage advice."

Since Billy's death, viewers have seen his son Jordan Baker and sports star Spencer James battle with their grief as well as trying to build up the Crenshaw football team in his absence.

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Troy Harvey/The CW

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Showrunner Nkechi Okoro Carroll has also spoken about how Billy's exit from the show came around.

She told TheWrap: "I have ongoing conversations with all of my cast every season, so there’s nothing that ever comes out of the blue. We never had any delusions that we’d be able to hold onto Taye for 12 seasons or anything like that.

"I was just like, 'Whenever the time comes where it feels like the character has served his purpose, or Taye feels like he’s done what he’s come here to do, let’s have a conversation, and let’s make sure we’re on the same page'."

All American season 5 airs at 8pm PT every Monday on The CW in The US, and in the UK on ITV and ITVX. Season 5 will come to Netflix on May 31.

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