An Actual, Flying Hoverboard Goes On Sale For £13,500 In April

In Back to the Future 2, Marty McFly and friends all fly about on hoverboards - but until now, the real thing has remained elusive.

But on April 14, a genuine, flying hoverboard will be shown off at Monaco’s Top Marques Event.

It doesn’t require a special magnetic track to fly on - it’s powered by fans - and it’s not a trick, either.

The £13,500 device can hold up to 243lbs and flies a foot above the ground - but can only fly for six minutes before needing to recharge.

Its maker promises you’ll be able to quickly swap in a new battery pack, instead of waiting 35 minutes for it to recharge.

The machine flies using 36 high-power ducted fans built into the base.

‘ArcaBoard represents a revolution in motion,’ said Dumitru Popescu, CEO of ARCA Space Corporation.

'For the last 17 years we have developed aerospace technologies that looked to the sky. We took our knowledge and applied it to everyone’s dreams. Dreams of flying.’