Ana de Armas shares why she wanted to do Ghosted with Chris Evans

chris evans and ana de armas in ghosted
Ana de Armas reveals why she wanted to do GhostedApple TV

Ana de Armas has revealed why she wanted to do Ghosted with Chris Evans.

The Apple TV+ film sees Evans play a down-on-his-luck guy named Cole, who falls head over heels for secret agent Sadie (de Armas).

However, before they can organise a second date, Cole and Sadie are swept away on an international adventure to save the world.

chris evans, ana de armas, ghosted
Apple TV+

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In an exclusive video shared with Digital Spy, Evans and de Armas opened up about the new film, which marks their third collaboration after starring in Knives Out and The Gray Man together.

When Evans asked de Armas what drew her to Ghosted, she responded: "I wanted to work with you again. It’s true, but in a very different capacity. I knew as soon as I read it that you and I were going to have a blast."

Evans said: "This is my third collaboration with the lovely de Armas. This is actually the first time we get along [in a movie]. We've been adversaries in the other films, so finally her and I actually get to work together."

"[And] like each other a little bit more," de Armas added.

chris evans, ana de armas, ghosted
Apple TV+

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The pair also discussed what it was like getting to work with Adrien Brody, who plays an evil billionaire who is out to kill Sadie.

"[The restaurant scene] was one of the few scenes that we really got to have with Adrien," Evans recalled. "Adrien is such a great energy on set. He’s so good, he’s so funny."

De Armas, who starred alongside Brody in Blonde last year, added: "I met Adrien in a very different movie and then all of a sudden I see Adrien with this moustache and French accent."

Ghosted is available to watch now on Apple TV+.

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