Ana Navarro Praises Mediterranean Diet: 'I Actually Lost a Pound' Despite Indulging 'Like the World Was Coming to an End'

Back from her vacation to Greece and Turkey, 'The View' co-host credited the country's unprocessed foods and plentiful fruits and vegetables for helping her stay trim

<p>ananavarrofl/Instagram</p> Ana Navarro praises Mediterranean Diet in Instagram video after returning from vacation to Greece and Turkey.


Ana Navarro praises Mediterranean Diet in Instagram video after returning from vacation to Greece and Turkey.

Ana Navarro is back from her European vacation, and she has nothing but good things to say about the Mediterranean diet.

The View co-host, 51, took to social media to share details about her “spectacular” visit to Greece and Turkey.

“I drank and ate like a condemned person and I actually lost a pound,” Navarro said in an Instagram video while cradling her poodle, ChaCha. “The food there is so healthy, so fresh, lots of fruits, lots of vegetables, nuts, olives — I guess olives are fruit, right? — simply grilled seafood, simply grilled chicken, no processed food, no fast food.”

“ChaCha, I don’t think I have a weight problem,” she said to her furry companion. “I think I have a country problem.”

“I’m baaaaaaaaack! 🇺🇸,” Navarro captioned the post. “I drank and ate like if the world was coming to an end, and didn’t gain any weight. Yes, I swam, walked like a camel, hiked like a goat, danced…but, also, there’s something to be said for the Mediterranean diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grilled meats.”

“I haven’t seen a pancake in a month,” she continued. “The diet there has much less processed sugar and preservatives. I’m a convert. Though in truth, I would currently kill or die for a Cuban croqueta preparada.🤣🤣🤣”

In June, the political strategist responded to speculation that she was taking Ozempic  — an FDA-approved prescription drug for type 2 diabetes — to lose weight.

After posting a photo of herself on Instagram, several users commented that Navarro’s weight loss was attributed to the drug. Ozempic is a trade name for semaglutide or tirzepatide — also marketed as Wegovy and Mounjaro. This drug acts on the brain to produce the feeling of fullness.

“This is the work of Ozempic!!” one person commented of Navarro’s transformation.

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“When are you coming clean that you are in Ozempic?” another follower wrote before Navarro responded by sharing details of all factors that have impacted her weight loss journey.

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“I’ve posted about my weight-loss journey many times,” Navarro wrote. “I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life. The pandemic and menopause made it worse. In 2021, my mom died of kidney disease brought on by diabetes. She suffered terribly the last years of her life. That scared the beejeezus out of me.”

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“Last August, I went to a wellness spa in Mexico called @rancholapuerta with two of my friends since grade school. We had all turned 50 and wanted to be healthier,” she continued. “I spent time there learning to cook and eat healthier, reprogramming the way I think of my lifestyle, and being more active. We did all sorts of exercise classes for hours a day. When we came back to Miami, we were determined to continue some of our healthy habits.”

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