Analyst doubts special counsel Weiss' impartiality

STORY: "This is the individual who was poised to give a sweetheart deal to the President's son," Michael O'Neill, the Vice President of Legal Affairs with the Landmark Legal Foundation, said in an interview. "How can he be impartial and investigate this impartially from the point of view of a special prosecutor?

A potential trial raises the possibility of an unprecedented spectacle in U.S. history: The son of a sitting president facing criminal charges while his father campaigns for re-election, likely against Republican Donald Trump, who faces at least three upcoming criminal trials of his own.

Weiss, who has been investigating Hunter Biden since 2019, filed misdemeanor criminal tax and gun charges in June, but a federal judge refused to accept a proposed plea deal.

Weiss said in a court filing on Friday that talks between the two sides have since broken down. "The Government now believes that the case will not resolve short of a trial," he wrote.

Republicans in the House of Representatives are also threatening an impeachment inquiry into unproven claims that President Biden benefited from his 54-year-old son's business ventures.