Ancient scroll ‘reveals the secret of how the pyramids were built’

Rob Waugh
Who Built Ancient Egypt’s Great Pyramid? Hidden Text Holds Clues to Thousand-Year-Old Mystery

It’s a question which has perplexed architects, scientists and conspiracy theorists alike – how was the Great Pyramid built?

One detail is now clear thanks to an ancient papyrus found in the ancient port of Wadi-al-Jarf on the Red Sea, according to a new Channel 4 documentary.

Among the documents discovered there was the diary of an official involved in the construction of the Great Pyramid, which was finished in around 2560BC, after a construction lasting 20 years.


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The 4,500-year-old document is the only first-person account of the Great Pyramid’s construction, according to IFL Science.

In it, Merer solves one of the mysteries of the Great Pyramid – how the huge limestone and granite blocks were transported to the site.

Ancient papyrus reveals secret of how Ancient Egyptians built the Great Pyramid of Giza in 2600BC

Merer’s diary reveals that the limestone was taken from the Tora quarry in boats, and that blocks were ferried to the site on man-made canals.

Merer’s diary says that his crew opened giant dykes to divert water from the Nile, channeling it into canals leading to the Pyramids.