Andi Peters reveals he is racially profiled and followed in shops

Watch: Andi Peters shares racial profiling experience

Andi Peters has told how he has been racially profiled in shops by staff who think he might be about to swipe some chocolate.

The presenter, 50, spoke out on Good Morning Britain after cricketer Michael Holding used the word "b*******s" on the show while discussing criticisms of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Opening up about his own experiences, Peters told viewers: “We have never shied away from discussions that people will find uncomfortable and using a word, I think just the use of that one word expressed it all.

Andi Peters is 50. (Getty Images)
Andi Peters opened up about his experience of racism. (Getty Images)

“What sometimes as a person of colour you go through is a load of old... And it’s just actually nice to hear someone say it on television just say it so that everyone hears it."

He went on: “What he said about being followed in shops, supermarkets, because of the colour of your skin, that really exists.

"It happens to me, I’d say enough times for me to know, ‘Oh someone thinks I’m going to nick the Wispa bar’ - I’m not, I’m just going to go and get it and pay for it like everybody else.”

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Peters said it was "refreshing" to hear someone speak so openly about the issue on TV.

Holding joined Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid on the ITV show on Thursday morning.

He told the hosts: “We have people growing up subconsciously or not thinking that they are superior to other races and we have people growing up subconsciously or not thinking they are inferior to other races and that is a load of b*******.”

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Shephard apologised to viewers for the expletive but noted that everyone understood the sentiment behind it.

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