Andor viewers call ‘stunning’ episode 6 ‘some of the best Star Wars ever’

The latest episode of Andor is making quite an impressio with the Star Wars fandom.

Episode six of the Disney Plus series, which is based on Diego Luna’s Rogue One character Cassian Andor, has earned acclaim for its willingness to take its time and flesh out the story.

Season one will be 12 episodes, with a second season of 12 episodes, which will conclude the series, already confirmed.

After weeks of build up, the show’s first big set-piece arrived in the latest instalment, which was titled “The Eye’. It showed the lead characters undertaking a heist on Aldhani.

Viewers have praised the “stunning” episode, directed by Susanna White, for its tension, its visuals and for effectively bringing storylines together, and are agreed that it could be the greatest live-action episode of a Star Wars TV series to date.

Some even went so far as to say it’s one of Star Wars’ finest moments ever, films included.

“That’s a Star Wars all timer right there, @griffschiller wrote, adding: “I think I’m ready to get on the masterpiece train now.”

“Episode 6 has to be one of the best episode in all Star Wars shows. This is what I want since Rogue One. This show never disappoints me,” @jzescaro added.

“No, Episode 6 of ANDOR isn’t one of the best episodes of Star Wars TV so far. Episode 6 of ANDOR is one of the best hours of Star Wars ever, @_ShauryaChawla commented.

“Everyone involved in #Andor should be proud because I actually had my jaw dropped for most of ‘The Eye’,” @StarWarsTake wrote, stating: “Filled with amazing performances, tension, spectacle, and turns I genuinely didn’t expect. I can confidently say those 50 minutes were some of the best Star Wars ever.

Andor continues weekly every Wednesday on Disney Plus