Andrea McLean tearfully announces she's leaving 'Loose Women' after 13 years

Watch: Emotional Andrea McLean announces her Loose Women exit

Andrea McLean became emotional on Monday's Loose Women as she revealed she would be leaving the show after 13 years.

The 51-year-old explained she would not be back on the show after Christmas after re-evaluating her life due to the pandemic.

"I'm going to be leaving Loose Women - oh my goodness I didn't mean to cry I'm so sorry - I want to be brave, all the incredible feedback that I had from my book and the support I was able to give them, I want to bring it to life.

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"It was a really, really big decision to jump and see if I fall and if I fly and I thought 'I will never know unless I try'."

This year saw McLean release her lifestyle book This Girl Is On Fire in which she opened up on trauma, divorce and healing processes. Her website of the same name aims to promote female empowerment through the discussion of similar issues.

The mother-of-two has been open about suffering a nervous breakdown last year and on the show revealed it was part of what was motivating her to make the change.

"I want to put myself out there, see what the universe has in store to help as many women as I possibly can, in whatever way that means, but for now it's with my website, all the love and effort I am putting into that, that will be my focus," she went on.

Andrea McLean tearfully announced she was quitting 'Loose Women'. (ITV)
Andrea McLean tearfully announced she was quitting 'Loose Women'. (ITV)

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McLean found herself supported by fellow Loose Woman Linda Robson who thanked the host for helping her through her own mental health struggles.

“You've been a real good friend to me when I was going through my depression," she shared. "You were the one ringing me all the time making sure I was okay. We won’t lose touch.”

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