British millionaire murdered in his Spanish villa by ex-lover, inquest rules

Millionaire jeweller  Andy Bush was killed at his Spanish mansion. (SWNS)
Millionaire jeweller Andy Bush was killed at his Spanish mansion. (SWNS)

A British millionaire jeweller was murdered by his jealous ex-lover after he returned home with a new partner, an inquest has ruled five years after his death.

Andrew Bush, 48, had jetted out to his villa in Malaga, Spain, in April 2014 with a new lover, who found his ex-girlfriend Mayka Kukucova, then 26, waiting in his bed.

Bush told his new partner Maria Korotaeva, then 20, to go to the car and phone the police after the Slovakian swimwear model ex refused to leave.

But when an argument broke out between Bush and his ex-partner, Miss Korotaeva heard three gunshots — and later found her partner in a pool of blood.

An inquest held on Tuesday at Avon Coroner's Court in Bristol, ruled that Bush was murdered by Kukucova.

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Mayka Kukucova was jailed in May 2016 for 15 years. (SWNS)
Mayka Kukucova was jailed in May 2016 for 15 years. (SWNS)
The villa in Spain where Andy Bush was shot. (SWNS)
The villa in Spain where Andy Bush was shot. (SWNS)

Kukucova was jailed in May 2016 for 15 years, but had her sentence reduced the following year to 13 years imprisonment.

Coroner Dr Peter Harrowing said Mr Bush's inquest had been triggered by the jeweller's body finally being brought back to the UK earlier this year by his sister for a “proper” funeral.

Dr Harrowing told the inquest Mr Bush had been interred in a "niche" at a cemetery in Estepona, Spain, where he was killed.

He said: "On his return inside the house, Miss Kukucova was waiting and unexpectedly made use of firearm, with which she shot Mr Bush up to three times, moved by a desire to end his life.

"Mr Bush did not have the possibility of reacting to defend himself.

"The first shot was to his left arm, from a distance of 1.5 metres. The other two were to his head.

"Miss Kukucova then left the scene. She was subsequently arrested and placed on trial, and found guilty of murder."

Dr Harrowing added: "I am satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that I can record a conclusion of unlawful killing.”

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Maria Korotaeva the girlfriend of Andrew Bush. (SWNS)
Andrew Bush's girlfriend Maria Korotaeva. (SWNS)

At Kukucova's trial in 2016, the court heard how she had become "obsessed" with Mr Bush, known as the Mr Bling of Marbella, after their split in November 2013.

The 26-year-old had begun stalking him and, from April 2, 2014 — three days prior to his death — had been in his house in Malaga without his consent.

Russian-born Maria Korotaeva, who was seeing Mr Bush at the time of his killing, has previously told how she "cowered" in the car as he was shot three times inside the villa.

She was forced to walk up the main road to find an officer because police could not find the villa and then fire services took two hours to find the house.

It was three hours before the firefighters broke in and found the body of Mr Bush, who launched Andrew Davids jewellers, now called Gold Trader.

Mr Bush also left behind an ex-wife, Samantha, and daughter, Ellie Mason Bush.