Andrew Garfield ‘had a go’ at onlookers for ‘distracting’ him during filming, resident claims

Andrew Garfield was apparently overheard telling off local residents for “distracting” him while filming in London.

The Amazing Spider-Man star is currently shooting the romcom We Live In Time with Florence Pugh in south-west London.

Garfield was filming a scene outside a block of flats, with local residents who lived in a flat opposite gathering at the window to watch filming taking place.

However, one of the housemates told The Daily Telegraph that Garfield “called ‘cut’ as soon as he saw the group” before asking to talk to them through the window.

Remaining anonymous, the resident told the publication that the group had initially “rushed over to the window, and there’s four of us in the house vying for position in front of one window, pushing each other out of the way – it was a bit silly”.

After Garfield allegedly spotted the group and stopped filming, “he walked over to us and gestured for us to stop, moved his hand across his neck and then he came up and told us to put the window up so he could talk to us - not in a polite way, it was very sort of demanding”.

Garfield originally told the group: “Guys, you know this is super disrespectful. You’re being so distracting.”

The onlooked claimed that the group had quickly apologised, but on reflection felt it was “very cheeky of him to have a go at us in our own house”.

“We were sort of more miffed to begin with,” he said. “He weren’t upset or anything, he didn’t go on for ages or raise his voice. It was a stern demeanour like it was a schoolteacher telling us off.”

The Independent has contacted Garfield’s representatives for comment.

Written by Nick Payne and directed by John Crowley, We Live in Time has been described as a funny, deeply moving and immersive love story. Further plot details are yet to be released.