Andrew Haigh is directing a Leonardo da Vinci biopic that may be SUPER gay

Gay filmmaker Andrew Haigh is set to direct an upcoming Leonardo da Vinci biopic
Gay filmmaker Andrew Haigh is set to direct an upcoming Leonardo da Vinci biopic

Gay director Andrew Haigh is set to helm a new Leonardo da Vinci biopic that is likely to be very gay!

Universal has signed on the All of Us Strangers filmmaker to direct an adaptation of Walter Isaacson’s acclaimed book Leonardo da Vinci: The Biography, which captured readers’ attention when it hit shelves back in 2017 for arguing that the infamous Renaissance man was gay, Queerty reports.

While there is no news about how da Vinci will be portrayed in the film, it’s not only based on a book that made da Vinci’s sexuality clear, but the director is known for making queer cinema.

Not only did Haigh make last year’s award-winning queer romance All of Us Strangers, but he directed the gay romance Weekend and many episodes of the LGBTQ+ comedy Looking, as well as its subsequent movie.

Basically, he’s got a ton of gay movie cred, so with him at the helm and the source material insisting da Vinci was into men, we suspect the upcoming biopic will be Gay with a capital G.

It was once thought that da Vinci was celibate, but the current academic consensus is that he was, in fact, gay. In his book, Isaacson described da Vinci as “illegitimate, gay, vegetarian, left-handed, easily distracted, and at times heretical.”

Isaacson wrote that da Vinci’s own artwork supports this assumption. “In his drawings and sketches, he showed a far greater fascination for the male body than the female,” Isaacson noted. “His drawings of male nudes tend to be works of tender beauty, many rendered in full length. “By contrast, almost all of the women he painted, except for a now lost Leda and the Swan, are clothed and shown from the waist up.”

When da Vinci was 24 years old, he was also charged with sodomy alongside three other men for an incident involving a 17-year-old sex worker. Many historians also allege that da Vinci had a romantic relationship with his live-in apprentice Giacomo Caprotti, The Independent reports.

Historical biopics can be dry, but if Haigh is planning on making a super gay da Vinci movie, we’ll be seated on opening day!