Andrew Lloyd Webber says son has been moved to a hospice

Andrew Lloyd Webber has said his eldest son Nicholas has now been moved to a hospice.

In a video on Instagram, the composer thanked fans for the messages of support for his son and added that the 43-year-old is "over the worst of this first bout of pneumonia he's got as a result of his cancer".

He says the family have all gathered and that he will "pass on all of the fantastic wishes" that have come from people around the world.

"I just want to send my very best wishes to the other families I have around the world in the theatre, particularly, of course, the cast of Bad Cinderella, because it's the opening night tonight and I'm absolutely gutted not to be able to be there.

"But, my place is really here in England at the moment," Lloyd Webber said.

Earlier this week the devastated father said he would be missing the opening of Bad Cinderella at New York's Imperial Theatre due to his son being in hospital.

Like his father, Nicholas Lloyd Webber, 43, is known for scoring many hits.

These include The Little Prince and producing his father's Symphonic Suites at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in London.

Nicholas was diagnosed with gastric cancer 18 months ago.

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Fans came forward to share their sympathies with Andrew Lloyd Webber and many sent warm wishes to his son in the comments under the social media post.

One user wrote: "You have brought so much light and love to our lives through the years, we send it back to your family. In our thoughts and hearts always. Wishing all the best to your son and strength to all."

While another said: "So much love to you! We'll miss you but you're in the right place with your family and loved ones."