Andrew Scott discusses awkward sex scenes

Andrew Scott has peeled back the covers on his most awkward on-screen sex scene moments.

The 47-year-old Fleabag heartthrob has been known to appear in racy scenes in TV shows including Ripley and big screen outing All Of Us Strangers.

When it comes to filming love scenes, however, the Irish actor admits things can get awkward.

Recalling the cringe-inducing things directors have whispered to him during intimate scenes, the MailOnline quotes the actor telling a Netflix screening host in London last week, "'Pick up the pace, pick up the pace,' literally that is the kind of notes you get."

He went on to explain that he has often then had to endure a second round of embarrassment in the event he is required to re-record lines in post-production once filming is complete.

He said, "Then you go in and the first thing you see is a screen grab and you're like 'Urgh' then they make you re-record something that it's, you know, if we were to re-record what we just said, the idiosyncratic way that people speak. How do I do that?

"The worst thing that you ever have to do is if you've done a sex scene, because it's, you know, embarrassing enough... (To then do it again) in your clothes in November, seven months later with 12 people in a booth and someone is like 'Any snacks?'."