Andrew Scott Reacts to Taylor Swift Theories Surrounding "Tortured Man Club" Group Chat With Joe Alwyn

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Attention: Andrew Scott (who I will always respectfully and lovingly refer to as the hot priest from Fleabag, just so you know) has entered the Tortured Poets chat. The actor weighed in on the theories that Taylor Swift's 11th album, The Tortured Poets Department, is a nod to his now-infamous "Tortured Man Club" group chat he once had with her ex, Joe Alwyn, and Paul Mescal.

But first, he clarified that he started the group to connect Paul, who had just starred in Normal People at the time, and Joe, who was about to begin working on Conversations with Friends. "Let me tell you what that is!" Andrew recently told Variety. "They were about to play these tortured characters, and I had played a tortured character in Fleabag. It wasn't about our own characteristics!" He added that the group seemingly died down, saying, "I think there were three texts, like, ‘Hey, guys.' You know those groups that you set up, and they just collapse."

During their Actors on Actors interview with Variety in 2022, Joe and Paul had a bit of banter about the WhatsApp group chat they once had with the Ripley star. "It hasn't had much use recently," Joe said at the time, while Paul replied, "I feel like we're less tortured now."

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Correction: screaming!

Of course, Andrew also gushed about Taylor's new record-breaking album, noting that it "is sensational" and that "I texted her yesterday to say how amazing it is." As for his fave track? That'd be "The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived," because he obviously is a man of 🤌taste. 🤌 "I think she is just a force of nature, just an extraordinary human, and this album is really, really amazing," he added.

So glad Andrew cleared the confusion and provided us with his take on Tortured Poets!

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