Andrew Scott's new Netflix show debuts with impressive Rotten Tomatoes score

andrew scott, ripley
Andrew Scott's new show lands impressive RT scoreNetflix

Andrew Scott's new Netflix series Ripley has debuted to an impressive Rotten Tomatoes score.

An adaptation of Patricia Highsmith's 1955 novel The Talented Mr Ripley, the black-and-white series follows grifter Tom Ripley (Scott) as he scams his way to a life of riches in 1960s Italy.

The eight-episode series arrived on the streamer today (April 4) and reviews have now made their way to the review aggregator site, with its score currently sitting at a fresh 93% from 15 reviews.

Critics have highly praised Scott's "complex" performance, as well as the show's "breathtaking" cinematography.

andrew scott, ripley

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Here's what some of the reviewers have been saying so far, including Digital Spy's take on the series:

Digital Spy

"Ripley is far more even-keeled and rooted in the feel of that second half. Instead of those year-abroad thrills and tensions, we are alone with Scott for whole logistics-focused episodes dealing with the rhythms of body disposal or the long con, with no dialogue beyond what his blacker-than-black shark eyes are saying."

The Hollywood Reporter

"Carried by its careful adherence to a battle-tested story, Scott's complex central performance and some of the most breathtaking photography the small screen has to offer, Ripley is a steady yet propulsive descent into murky morality."

andrew scott, ripley

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The Guardian

"With those who find it initially slow, or the relentless monochrome beauty slightly exhausting or pretentious, I understand entirely. But stick with it; allow yourself to yield to both and let Ripley seduce you. There is magic at work here."

The Daily Beast

"The finest thing TV has offered in many years."


"Combined with Andrew Scott's magnetic lead performance, the show conveys a sort of unnerving tranquility that charges with even the most innocent dialogue and normal situation with a sense of threat and danger that could manifest at any moment."

Ripley is available to stream on Netflix now.

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