Andy Murray Wimbledon tribute has viewers 'sobbing' as BBC legend makes shock return

The tears she by Andy Murray at Wimbledon on Thursday night were mirrored in living rooms across the country, as viewers declared they weren't 'emotionally prepared' for the emotional tribute given in honour of the tennis icon.

Having pulled out of the men's singles competition, due to a niggling injury and recent back surgery, Andy was in action on Centre Court alongside brother Jamie and, sadly for the famous siblings, it wasn't their day, as they ended up being defeated by their opponents. However, if Andy thought his evening was ending there, he was very much mistaken.

After the match winners were interviewed for the BBC, there was a big shock for all those sat inside Centre, as Sue Barker emerged from the tunnel, two years after her exit from the broadcaster left fans devastated. Sue walked onto court to reveal what she was there for, before beckoning Andy over to join her.

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And for the following few minutes, emotions ran extremely high, as a video montage of Andy's finest moments over the years aired on screen, with the highlights being interspersed by messages from tennis legends like Venus Williams and Roger Federer. Andy was visibly moved by the time the camera arrived back on him, with him seen wiping away tears, as Sue then paid tribute to his parents.

During the heartwarming interview, Andy also spoke about his family life, with his wife and four children, two of whom were sat in the stands and viewers at home were left reaching for tissues as it all became a bit too much for them. Taking to X and happy to admit they were 'broken' by what was playing out on screen, one wrote: "Jesus. Proper bawling at Andy Murray's tribute on Centre Court. All the biggest players lining up and applauding, Sue Barker back for the interview, his mum and dad in tears, his kids watching on. What a player, and what a man"

Equally tearful, another reacted: "Sue Barker’s return and Andy’s career highlights video has got me all emotional"