Andy Robertson sends signed Roberto Firmino shirt to young fan who donated pocket money to foodbank

Vaishali Bhardwaj
Rich reward | Andy Robertson sent a signed Roberto Firmino shirt to a young fan

Liverpool defender Andy Robertson sprung a huge surprise on a young fan after sending him a signed Roberto Firmino shirt as a reward for donating his pocket money to a local foodbank.

Seven-year-old Alfie Radford made the kind gesture of giving his pocket money to Liverpool-based foodbank, Fans Supporting Foodbanks, recently which was recognised with a tweet from the organisation and the youngster being named their 'Fan of the Month'.

But after Robertson heard about what Alfie had done, he decided to send him a gift in the form of a signed Firmino shirt and a letter in which the Liverpool full-back called the seven-year-old "an example" to society.

"I remember from being your age just how important pocket money is and how there’s hundreds of things you could have bought for yourself with it," Robertson wrote.